Overview of...Relationships in MonkeyPod

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One of the great things about MonkeyPod is the ability to keep track of all of your relationships in one place. In this article, we give an overview of relationships in MonkeyPod.

Managing Relationships

MonkeyPod allows us to manage our relationships with our entities by allowing us to manage:

  • Who they are to us via Roles
    • Remember, because MonkeyPod is both your CRM and your Accounting system you will manage your relationships with Donors, Vendors, Employees, Customers, etc... all in once place!
  • Who they are to each other via Connections and Householding
  • Where they are in their relationship to us via Pipelines
  • Extra information that is specific to our organization via Custom Attributes

Reporting out on Relationships

MonkeyPod also lets us report on our relationships by allowing us to...

  • Report on Top Donors, Top Customers, and Top Vendors

Emailing Relationships

Lastly, MonkeyPod allows us to contact and keep in touch with our various entities by providing Email Marketing. This feature allows us to easily...

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