Overview of... Reporting

Not only can MonkeyPod help you track everything, it can also help you report on everything too! From Accounting to CRM, we've got you covered with reports.

Reporting in MonkeyPod comes in three main flavors:

  1. Financial/Management Reports
    1. Includes Fundraising and Sales Summaries 
  2. Financial/Accounting Reports
    1. Includes the ability to generate the data for 1099-NECs
  3. CRM Reports
    1. Includes Donor Retention, Fundraising Details, and Sales Details

What reports come with the software?

Below is a screenshot from the Reports tab. All of these reports are at your fingertips!

How do I run and save Reports?

To best show this, why don't we show how to run a report on Financial Position and save it?

Run a report on Financial Position and save it

From the REPORTS area in MonkeyPod, click on “Financial Position”.

Select the year you would like to report on and scroll down to view the report.

To save the report, simply click on “SAVE REPORT” at the top of the screen!

You will be prompted to give the report a name.

It will now show up in your “Saved Reports” menu in MonkeyPod.

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