Overview of...Fundraising Pages

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One of the many things that MonkeyPod can help your organization with is fundraising through online fundraising pages. Since MonkeyPod is your CRM, Accounting System, Email Marketing Software, *and* fundraising platform, fundraising pages really allow you to harness the power of the "all in one" part of MonkeyPod. When a donor gives online, that donation is automatically accounted for *and* the donation is added to the donor's record!

What is a Fundraising Page?

A fundraising page is a webpage that allows donors to give directly to your organization through a website. Below is a fundraising campaign from our demo organization MonkeyPod Theater. Let's say that MonkeyPod Theater wants to raise money from potential and previous donors for their theater expansion, so they make the page below:

Online fundraising pages in MonkeyPod come equipped with an easily editable template that allows you to:

  1. Give a description of your fundraising appeal
  2. Show how much of your total fundraising goal you have raised
  3. Give one or more donation options

Since these fundraising pages are in MonkeyPod, when someone makes a donation using these pages, it means that you also seamlessly:

  1. Collect contact information
  2. Send receipts
  3. Account for the donations in the accounting system

How do I set one up!?

To set up a fundraising page for the first time, you go to "Fundraising"->"Set Up Fundraising Pages" to get started setting up the pages.

You will then be asked to install Stripe, which is the software MonkeyPod uses for payment processing. Once that is set up, you can get started making your fundraising pages.

Fundraising Page FAQs

  1. What happens if someone donates who *isn't* in my MonkeyPod already?
    1. Since MonkeyPod is also your CRM, a new donor record will be created for the new donor
  2. Is there an option for donors to cover the credit card processing fee?
    1. Yes there is! Research shows that donors are more likely to cover the credit card processing fees if you give them the option, so we give you a few options on how to present this to them!
  3. Can someone make a recurring donation through a fundraising page?
    1. You bet! You can give multiple donation options through fundraising pages
  4. Can I launch a Peer to Peer (P2P) fundraising campaign using MonkeyPod?
    1. Yes! Check out our page on P2P fundraising pages!
  5. How do I account for all of this!?!
    1. Check out our article on accounting for donations received through fundraising pages
  6. Where can I get more information?
    1. Check out all of our articles on fundraising pages
  7. What if I want to embed a simple donation page on my website?
    1. We have an option to embed a super simple donation page here