Making a Fundraising Page

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Making a Fundraising page in MonkeyPod is pretty easy! This article will show you where to click in the software to make a fundraising page. If you're looking for an article on something else Fundraising Page be sure to check out our collection of Fundraising Page knowledgebase articles.

Where do I go to make my first fundraising page?

To make your first fundraising page, simply click on "Fundraising."

This will bring you to a wizard that helps you to connect your Stripe account to the fundraising page itself.

After I'm set with Stripe, where do I go now?

After you set up your Stripe account, you can go to "Fundraising" and it will now look like this

Fundraising Pages

When you click on "Fundraising Pages" you will see a list of the fundraising pages you currently have

To add a Fundraising Page click on "Add a Fundraising Page" to start

Donation Options

When you click on "Donation Options" you'll see the donations options that are currently set up. This is where you can set someone up as a recurring donor, or as a one time donation. This is also where you can setup the amount of the donation and see if it's available on any Peer to Peer (P2P) fundraising pages.

Making your First Fundraising Page

To make a Fundraising Page in MonkeyPod there are four things you need to define

Basic Info

This is the basic information for your fundraising page. For fundraising pages this is:

  1. Title - The title of the page
  2. Description - The text that appears on the fundraising page. This is where you describe your fundriaising campaign. Be sure to check out our community articles to make the most of your fundraising
  3. Access URL - The URL you will give out for people to donate to your amazing organization!
    1. In the example below, the URL would be
  4. Goal - If you have a fundraising goal for this campaign
  5. Prompt Social Sharing - Puts icons on the fundraising page to share the page via social media
  6. Go Live on - The date the fundraising campaign is live on
  7. End on (optional) - An end date for the campaign

Visual Design

Next, click on "Visual Design" and here you will choose a template, and upload a banner image. 

Giving Options - Asking donors to cover processing fees

Also known as Donation Options, after you choose your visual design, next it's time to outline what will happen when someone donates. Be sure to check out our article on Donation Options if you want to learn more about specifying them!

After choosing your Donation Options you can specify who will cover the processing fees for the payment processing through fundraising pages as well as the receipt text that will be sent to the donor!

After that you are done! Be sure to check out your donation page and share it through Email Marketing!

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