Donation Options on Pages

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One part of making a Fundraising Page is choosing the types of Donation Options available. MonkeyPod gives you the flexibility to offer donors recurring or one-time donations, as well as allowing gifts of varying amounts. 

Important: If you are looking for information on how to get donors to cover payment processing fees, that is done through the Fundraising Page, not the donation option!

How do I set up Donation Options in my MonkeyPod?

Once you have set up online fundraising in your MonkeyPod, you can expand the FUNDRAISING menu from the main navigation bar and then select "Donation Options" from the Online Fundraising choices.

When creating Donation Options, you will need to provide the following information: 

  1. Name - Name of the donation option
    1. For an ongoing monthly donation, you may want to use a name like "I would like to become a sustaining member" or "I want to support your organization every month"
  2. Description - The description of the donation option
    1. For the example above, this would be something like "make a monthly donation"
  3. Image -  If you would like there to be an image presented 

After making those decisions, all you need to do is decide how you want to handle the giving option!

MonkeyPod allows you to easily choose between the following options:

  1. Fixed: All donations are charged as a fixed amount (e.g. every donor gives $20)
  2. Pre-set: Donors select a donation amount from a list of pre-set options ($10, $20, $100)
  3. Allow donor to enter: Donations can be any size as donors are able to enter a custom amount.

If you want to allow the donors to receive something of value in exchange for their donation, be sure to check the box for  Partial Deductibility. (Note: Be sure you are aware of the Accounting rules behind fundraising pages!)

After you make that decision, you can then specify whether the donation option is for a one-time or a monthly donation. You are able to select both options as well, giving you a lot of flexibility for fundraising! 

Next, designate which account in your Chart of Accounts will receive the donation. To make changes to the designated account, select the edit icon and then choose from the dropdown. After you select the "Save" button, you're finished! 

The newly created donation option will now appear in your list of options.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I would like to bring over my Monthly Donors to MonkeyPod, which Donation Options should I choose?
    1. If you have this question and are interested in this process, check out this article on Bringing over Recurring Donors.
    2. To answer the question: There are several ways to give donors the option to bring over their recurring donations to MonkeyPod. Below are two of our most popular ones:

    Donor can choose to give any amount, monthly or annually

Donor can choose to give monthly from a set of options