Donation Options on Pages

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One of the parts of making a Fundraising Page is specifying what Donation Options someone can donate with. ! If you are looking for information on how to get donors to cover payment processing fees, that is done through the Fundraising Page, not the donation option!

Want to make them a monthly donor?

Want them to donate once?

Want to give $10,$20,or even $1000 donation options?

How do I setup my Donation Options!?

Once you're setup your page for the first time, go ahead and click "Donation Options"

From here, you can specify the 

  1. Name - Name of the donation option
    1. This may be something like "I would like to become a sustaining member" for monthly donations
  2. Description - The description of the option
    1. For the example above, this would be something like "make a monthly donation"
  3. Image -  If you would like there to be an image presented 

After making those decisions, all you need to do is decide how you want to handle the giving option!

You can....

  1. Charge a fixed amount ($20)
  2. Provide a list of pre-set options ($10, $20, $100)
  3. Allow the donor to enter an amount

If you want to allow the donors to receive something of value in exchange for their donation, be sure to select Partial Deductibility. (Note: Be sure you are aware of the Accounting rules behind fundraising pages!)

After you make that decision, you can then specify whether the donation option is for a one-time or a monthly donation and what account in your Chart of Accounts the donation will be going towards!

That's it! The donation option will now appear in your list of options!

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