Overview of...Action Items

MonkeyPod allows your organization to easily manage tasks! Tasks can either be attached to an entity record, email campaign, or tag in MonkeyPod, or they can be standalone items.

What types of tasks can I manage in my MonkeyPod?

MonkeyPod allows you to create stand-alone tasks or to create tasks based on other things in the system. Potential scenarios for task management could be...

  1. Assigning a task to someone from your organization to reach out to a donor after a conversation with them on the phone
  2. Assigning a low priority task to check an account for data clean up
  3. Assigning a high priority task to add your new bookkeeper to the system
  4. Assigning multiple people to a task, like approving the images on an email campaign
  5. Assigning an event or organization specific task related to an existing tag in the system, like mailing Annual Gala invitations

How do these work for users in my organization?

After an action item is assigned, it will show up under a user's account under "Action Items" which is located under the user options. Depending on your user settings, you may find your user options menu by selecting your "Gravatar" your initials, or with a custom avatar image. 

Within your Action Items page, you and your organization members can view the action item by clicking on the Name of the task, or easily sort by Task, Priority, or Due dates.

How do I create an action item NOT tied to an entity, tag, or email campaign?

You may find that most of your action items aren't tied to a specific record but are instead general-purpose action items. 

To assign a general action item to another user at your organization, click on your user area and select "Action Items" from the expanded menu. You are also able to assign Action Items to yourself through the same steps.

On the Action Items page, you can add a new action item in the textbox that says "Create an action item" by beginning to type the name of the action item into the field.

When you hit the green check box, it will bring you to a window where you can specify details about the Action Item. The red X can be used to clear the form and delete the item.

If you are creating a new Action Item, your MonkeyPod will let you customize many important details so you can properly track your action items. By assigning items to certain members of your organization and adding tags, you can easily track who is responsible and what related events or efforts the actions might impact. Additionally, you can customize Status and Priority so the entire team is able to see which items are in progress or complete!

What if I want to follow up on an Action Item?

One of the things you can do in MonkeyPod is follow up on an action item. By simply hitting the @ name of the person in the comments section located at the bottom of the action item, the person tagged will receive a notification that they have been mentioned in a comment and link directly to the action item. It is a quick and easy way to track work that is completed or create reminders about important tasks.

What other things can I do with Task Management in my MonkeyPod?

There are a lot of things you can do with Task Management and Action Items in MonkeyPod. For example, you can:

  1. Assign an Action Item to an Entity
  2. Assign an Action Item to an Email Campaign
  3. Assign an Action Item to a specific Tag
  4. Manage your Notification Preferences
  5. Sync your action items to an external calendar

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