Overview of....Online Banking

Matching what's in your checking account and what's in your CRM can be a daunting task. To help make this easier MonkeyPod allows you to connect to your bank account to bring in read only transactions.

How does online banking work in MonkeyPod?

In order to use Online Banking, you need to first connect your bank accounts.

Receiving Transactions

Once your bank account is connected, MonkeyPod will be notified by your bank whenever new transactions are available for review. When that happens, we'll send a notification (either by email or in the notification center) to all users in your organization who have opted to receive those notices.

Here is an example of what those notifications look like:

To review the transactions themselves, click on “Online Banking” under your main organization menu.

Reviewing Transactions

Once you’re in Online Banking, the transactions look like this:

Each transaction has three options:

  • Hide/Ignore - You shouldn't need this too often, but sometimes there will be a transaction from your bank that you want to ignore and not match to anything in MonkeyPod. 
  • Add Matching Transaction - No corresponding transaction exists in MonkeyPod, so let's record one now.
  • Review X Match Candidates - MonkeyPod found one or more existing transactions that may correspond to this one from your bank. If one of them is the correct match, you should select it now.

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