Data Retention Policies

IMPORTANT: The information presented below reflects MonkeyPod's current policies as of the writing of this article. These internal policies should not be construed as legally binding on MonkeyPod. In particular, once you cancel your subscription, MonkeyPod assumes no contractual obligation (express or implied) to retain any of your organization's data. We try to provide reasonable grace periods, but this is a courtesy, not a promise.

Your data, our responsibility

Your data belongs to you, not to MonkeyPod. You trust us to ensure that your data remains simultaneously:

  1. Safe and secure from unauthorized access; and 
  2. Quickly and easily available to those who should be able to access it.

We take both aspects of that responsibility very seriously. One of the most important considerations in this arena is our Data Retention Policy.

What happens after your subscription ends?

When you cancel your MonkeyPod subscription, we like to provide a reasonable grace period during which you can quickly and painlessly reactivate. With some limited exceptions relating to especially sensitive data, our policy is to retain organizational data for at least one year after cancellation. That means that if you decide to re-activate after six months, you can generally expect everything to be right back where you left it.

At some point, however, it is in everyone's best interest for MonkeyPod to destroy sensitive data that is no longer actively needed. Once that grace period has expired, we'll begin purging our systems of your organization's data. This starts with the most sensitive stuff but eventually may include any or all of the information that was stored in MonkeyPod on your behalf.

If you have questions or concerns about MonkeyPod's data retention policy or practices, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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