Adding an Email List Signup to your Website

Subscription forms allow you to collect new mailing list subscriptions from your own website. You can customize each form to choose which lists are included and what data is collected. Then you'll embed the form on your own site with a snippet of HTML.

How do I set up a subscription form in my MonkeyPod?

To begin to set up your subscription form, head on over to "Relationships" then select "Subscription Forms" under "Email Marketing".

Screenshot of Relationships menu with Subscription Forms highlighted under Email Marketing

After selecting "Subscription Forms" you will see this window. You are able to click on the edit icon in the top right-hand corner to begin to edit this form.

Screenshot of List Signup Form page with Edit button in upper right

When you select the edit icon, you will be met with the following fields:

  • Name of Embedded Form (internal only): What will your organization call your form?  For example, "Public Website Newsletter Sign Up" or "Annual Fundraising Drive"
  • Email Lists: Which lists should be available to select? This is a list of all the email lists in your MonkeyPod instance. Select the ones you want to connect to the embedded form
  • Fields: Which fields should be included? Here, you select the fields that you want to bring into your MonkeyPod from the embedded form
  • Roles/descriptions: What roles might this user play? This is the role that someone filling out this form would get tagged with when they sign up via this external form.
    • Example question: What's your connection to *our organization*?
    • Example role: Donor
    • Example description: "makes charitable donations to support our work" 

How do I embed my MonkeyPod form on my site?

Now that you have your form all set up, it's time to embed it!

Screenshot of form called Newsletter Signup with two buttons: Copy embed code and Preview form

Under the form, you will see two options:

  1. Copy embed code: By clicking this, your embed code is automatically copied and placed on your clipboard. From here, all you need to do is paste it on your site where you want the form to show up!

    Sample embed code: 

    <iframe src="link to the form on a server (generated by monkeypod based on how you setup the form)" style="border: none; width: 100%; max-width: 600px; height: 525px" referrerpolicy="strict-origin" scrolling="no"></iframe>
  2. Preview form: Selecting this option allows you to see what the form is going to look like on your site.

Frequently Asked Technical Questions

  1. Can I modify the CSS of the embed form - Not at this time.
  2. Are there themes I can select from for the embed form? - Not at this time.

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