Selling Items

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MonkeyPod not only gives you the opportunity to track donations and grant funding, but it also tracks earned revenue from the sales of items.

How do I add items to my MonkeyPod?

You can keep track of your items by going to "Your Organization's Name"->"Accounting"->"Items"

When you visit this window in your MonkeyPod, a list of your items will show up.

When you click on "Add Item" the form below will appear.

Now, all you have to do is add the item and call it a day!

How do I track when someone has *purchased* an item?

When someone purchases an Item from you, you go to "Transactions"->"Track Revenue"->"Record a Sale" to begin the transaction.

Here you will see four areas to fill out about the transaction.

Sale Information

What is the name of the person who purchased the item? What was the date of the purchase?

If you want to Process the Sale in MonkeyPod, simply click the green text and enter the credit card information

Items and Miscellaneous Services

What items did the person purchase? You can easily add more than one item to the bill and add several quantities of items

Miscellaneous Services are things that you don't normally offer as items that the customer purchased. For example, if you sell classes, but you have a one time private lesson that isn't something you normally sell to people, that may qualify as a Miscellaneous Service.

Any additional accounting information

Want to assign the purchase a class? Want to apply a discount? You can do this here! 

From here all that is left is to save your transaction!