Stripe - Overview

When you sell products and services via Stripe outside of MonkeyPod, we can automatically record those sales for you in real time, with no human bookkeeping required. (Some limitations apply - see below for details.)

Activation and Configuration

Turning on Automated Bookkeeping

When you process a transaction through MonkeyPod (such as through a fundraising page or a donation embed), that transaction is always recorded for you automatically. That's not the case, however, for sales that you make via Stripe outside of MonkeyPod.  For those to be auto-recorded, you first need to turn on this feature in your Stripe App settings:

Mapping Prices to Items

After you've turned on this feature, the next step is to map your Stripe Products to MonkeyPod Items. Each price for each product must be mapped separately:

Mapping Coupons to Discounts

If you use Stripe Coupons, they need to be matched as well. In this case, we'll match them to your Discounts in MonkeyPod:

Mapped Prices and Coupons Only

MonkeyPod can only record a sale for you if it understands each item and coupon that's included. If a sale comes through that includes items or coupons that aren't mapped in your MonkeyPod Stripe App, then that transaction will be ignored and you'll have to record it manually.

Stripe Invoices or Payment Required

Not all Stripe purchases use Products and Coupons. Stripe also lets you record one-off charges that don't correspond to underlying products that you've defined in the Stripe Dashboard. In these cases, MonkeyPod doesn't have enough information to properly record the transaction, so you'll need to handle it the old-fashioned way (manually, sigh...)

To ensure that MonkeyPod is able to auto-record a sale for you, make sure it's processed using a Stripe Invoice or a Stripe Payment Link.

Check out this resource from Stripe to know how to sell items on their platform!

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