Recording a New Grant

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MonkeyPod makes it easy to track and manage your grants.

How do I record a grant in my MonkeyPod?

Recording a grant in your MonkeyPod is easy. Simply select "TRANSACTIONS" from the main navigation menu to expand its options. Under the Track Revenue section, select "Record a New Grant" to begin. 

Grant Info

This is where you will enter basic information about your grant into MonkeyPod for tracking. For example, your grant will need a title. It can be an unofficial/internal title, but giving the grant a title is necessary for management and tracking. Next, you can add details like the date when the grant was awarded, as well as the fully payable-by date. Next, add in the amount awarded as well as the Funder. It is also optional to attach a soft credit if relevant. 

Type of Funding - General Operating or Restricted

Here is where you enter whether the grant was restricted or general operating.

  1. General Operating Support - The funding is immediately available for any mission-related purposes.
  2. Restricted Funding - The funder has imposed conditions (usually based on time frame or purpose) on how you are allowed to spend these funds. (Most grants fall into this category)


Here is where you select where the receivable will be debited from and where the income will be credited to. Note that you are not able to add or change any accounts from this menu, so account settings should be completed before you record new grants. 

If you need to change where the income is being credited, make sure to select the edit button to change the account. 

This will show a drop-down of all of your accounts that you can choose (from any that are set up in MonkeyPod):

When you have confirmed that all of the settings are correct, select the green Save button at the bottom of the page. 

After your grant is created, you will be able to look at the int

After the new grant is recorded, you will be able to proceed to record payments and other accounting details of that grant.