Releasing Grant Funds

If you are releasing funds *tied to an expense* this is automatically done for you when you record and track a grant expense. This article is specifically for situations when you are releasing funds not tied to a specific expense. Example: a $50,000 grant that includes $1,000/month in general overhead support over the 12-month grant period. 

How do I release funds in my MonkeyPod?

Once you have recorded a new grant, there are many ways that you can get to the grant in MonkeyPod. You can search your transactions, view your transaction log, go through the chart of accounts, or go through the funder's record in the CRM.

Once you're in the grant, you can scroll to the bottom under "Fund Release" and hit "Release Funds"

This allows you to go in and release funds in accordance with your grant agreement. Just choose the date, amount, and include a brief explanation. You can enter these releases as they happen or all at once, whichever you prefer.