Action Items Assigned to Entities

One of the great things about MonkeyPod is the ability to create action items and tie them to a specific entity. Want to manage which entity is tied to a specific action item easily? Tie the action item directly to the entity to keep track of everything!

How do I tie an action item to an entity?

To tie an action item to an entity, start by going to the entity record. Then, when looking at a specific entity record, you can find the assigned tasks under "Action Items".

For example, in the image above, we can see that this account already has an action item assigned to it. 

If we click on the green "Call Cristina back"  text, we can see the action item shown below:

To add a new action item for this entity record, all we need to do is click the button that says "ADD AN ACTION ITEM FOR CRISTINA BAHM" where Cristina Bahm is the name on our entity record.

Once the action item is given a title, we then fill in our preferences for the action item.

The action item shown below is assigned by Cristina Bahm to Mike Depew. In this case, Mike will receive an email that an action item has been assigned to him. 

You can also change your notification settings so that you won't be sent notifications when action items are assigned to you.

Other settings for action items:

  • Status: New, Working, or Stuck depending on the status of the task
  • Priority: Low, Medium, or High
  • Due: When you would like the action item completed by (depending on notification preferences, the person will receive reminders and emails when a task due date is approaching or overdue)
  • Description: a description of the action item
  • Tags: a place to select a tag the action item may be tied to
  • Files: Any files to go along with the action item (this is where you could enter new information to be updated to a donor record)
  • Depends on: If this action item is dependent on another one being completed 
  • Send reminders: Send reminders to the person who is the owner AND the person to who it is assigned 
  • Extra comments and notes: For each action item, extra comments and notes can be added

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