Auto-Log Interactions by BCC'ing a Special Address

MonkeyPod allows you to automatically log relationship interactions by using bcc with a special email address. The bcc (blind carbon copy) email address won’t be displayed to the other people on the email chain.

How can I automatically log an interaction in my MonkeyPod?

When you email a relationship outside MonkeyPod, you can optionally BCC a special address for your organization.  By doing this, MonkeyPod can log interactions automatically with that bcc email. When you do that, MonkeyPod will identify the relationship by their email address or create a new one as needed. Then, it will automatically log an "Email" action on their interactions log. 

Your unique BCC address is [YOUR-MONKEYPOD-SUBDOMAIN] 

For example: if you log in to MonkeyPod at, then you would use the BCC email

We recommend that you save the email in your MonkeyPod address book for ease of use so that you can record many of your interactions automatically!

What will happen if the person I'm emailing is not already part of my MonkeyPod?

If the email's recipient doesn't have a relationship record in MonkeyPod, a new record will be created automatically for them.

What will happen if they are already in my MonkeyPod?

No new relationship will be created and the interaction will be logged within the entity or person that already exists.

What information gets logged on the relationship?

An interaction with the "Email" type gets logged on the relationship. To make it easy, the description will be automatically captured from the content of the email (up to 200 characters).

What if I change my mind after logging the interaction in my MonkeyPod?

If you log an interaction and later decide that you didn't want to (maybe because it should be private or it wasn't relevant to the person's relationship with the organization), then you can always delete the interaction.

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