Auto-Log Interactions by BCC Interaction Function

Want to know whenever an email is sent to a relationship, but don't want to track it all manually? No problem! You can auto-log any email sent to anyone in your MonkeyPod by using the BCC interaction function.

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Before you read any further - want to learn more about interactions in general? Check out this article on tracking interactions in MonkeyPod.

In general, how does the BCC function work?

This function allows you to automatically log an email interaction anytime you send an email to a relationship. That's right, you can send an email to a funder/donor/vendor/volunteer/etc... from your Gmail or Outlook and have that interaction get attached as an interaction to their record in your MonkeyPod automatically.

All you need to do to begin auto-logging email interactions is BCC Your organizations special MonkeyPod email as shown below!

When you do that, MonkeyPod will identify the relationship by their email address or create a new one as needed. Then, it will automatically log an "Email" action on their interactions log. 

!Tip: We recommend that you save the email in your MonkeyPod address book for ease of use so that you can record many of your interactions automatically!

Where do I find my organization's special BCC email address in my MonkeyPod?

You can find the BCC email address for your organization specifically under


A screenshot showing where interaction settings are located
You can find your BCC email address under Relationships->Interactions

then under "Configure Interactions", scroll down and your email address will be listed in the blue box at the bottom!

A screenshot showing where the email address is located
Scroll down to find your organization's email address

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if the person I am emailing isn't in my MonkeyPod?
    • No problem! A relationship record will be created for them and the interaction will be tracked!

  • What if the person I am emailing is householded under another relationship record?
    • No worries! Your MonkeyPod will log the interaction under the person's record and you also have the option to view the interaction in the parent record by clicking "Include all household" when viewing the parent record's interaction
    • Any interactions coming from child records will have the record noted in the interaction as well! For example: The record below shows an email interaction from the relationships Acxiom Employee which is housholded under the record shown below.

Want more amazing video content? Check out our YouTube channel!