Using Tags

Want to know a little more about how Accounts, Classes, and Tags work together? Start with this article showing the relationship between them.

MonkeyPod allows you to use Tags to assign transactions, custom attributes, and action items to very specific purposes. Although Tag is not a required field, it is extremely useful for identifying a specific instance of a recurring event or any other specific attribute.

How do I add a Tag to my MonkeyPod?

To add a Tag in MonkeyPod, expand your organization's menu and locate Tags under the Accounting section.

After selecting "Tags", you will see a list of the tags currently in your MonkeyPod. Click "Create a tag" at the top of the list to add a new Tag for your organization.

Once "Create a Tag" is selected, you will see a popup that allows you to name the Tag, identify the type of Tag, and provide a description (optional). 

The Tag type allows you to sort and view the Tag more easily. To create a new Tag type, simply input it into the Tag type field when you make or edit a tag. When you view all of your tags, you can also view them by type. In the screenshot below, the most used Tag type is Fundraising.

Can I edit or merge a Tag in my MonkeyPod?

Yes, you can! To edit or merge your tags, you will navigate to the list of your tags by expanding Your Organization's Menu and selecting the option "Tags."

Tags specific to your organization will display similar to the demo screenshot below: 

Next, select the three dots on the right of the Tag listing to expand the menu of what you can do with your Tag.

The options are Edit, Archive, Delete, and Merge. 

If you select "Merge," you will see that one of the Tags will be deleted after the merge is complete. 

After you archive a Tag, you will need to select Include archived in the top right-hand corner to see it within the Tags list. 

What else can be a Tag in MonkeyPod?

In addition to tagging transactions, your organization is able to tag action items and custom attributes. 

Why would we do this?

In addition to tagging ticket revenue and donation transactions for the "Annual Gala 2023," the Tag allows you to track who volunteered at the event in a custom attribute as well as assign Action Items within your organization for the same event! So your team can follow up with thank you notes to volunteers and donors all within the same Tag. 

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