Managing Duplicates

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MonkeyPod knows that managing duplicates can be a pain in any organization. So we came up a tool to make it easy!

Where is the Duplicate Manager in my MonkeyPod?

To get to your Duplicate Manager, simply expand the "RELATIONSHIPS" menu in the main navigation bar. You can find "Manage Duplicates" under Contacts.

How do I manage duplicates in my MonkeyPod?

Likely versus Potential Duplicates

In your MonkeyPod, you will see two categories: "Likely Duplicates" and "Possible Duplicates"

Likely Duplicates are generally going to include cases where more than one person has the same email address or the exact same name. Most of the time, the folks on this list will be actual duplicates.

Possible Duplicates are possible matches for a duplicate and may include individuals with the same last name and the same first initial. Some of these will be duplicates, but many will not (e.g., "Jane Smith" and "John Smith" are two totally different people, but they could show up as possible duplicates).

Examining the data for the potential duplicates in MonkeyPod

When you're dealing with potential duplicates, the first step is to list the individual relationships that match the criteria:

If you aren't sure if these are the same or different people, you can hover your mouse over each person's name to see their email address and regular address, if available. You can also click the name to see their full record in MonkeyPod. 

Merging, Householding, or keeping the accounts 

Now that you have seen the potential duplicates, and explored the options, it's time to decide what you're going to do!

Here are your three options:

1. If your entity or person is a legitimate unique relationship, click the actions menu at the far right of the row and select "Confirm Unique and Hide". That will remove them from the list of possible duplicates for the name or email address in question.

2. If your entity or person is a  duplicate with another relationship listed and you would like to merge the records. To merge right from the Duplicate Manager, simply grab the three lines icon, drag the record, and drop it into the "Merger Into" to initiate a merge.

3. If your entity or person is a  duplicate, but you want to household them instead of merging their data. To do this right in the Manager, simply use the same drag-and-drop procedure, dropping the "child" record into "Add to household" box for the parent record.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if the accounts I want to merge aren't showing up in the Duplicates Manager?
    1. No problem, simply go to the account that you want to keep, click on the "three dots" and select "Merge Records" this will bring you to a window where you can then search for the other account you want to merge into this account!