Email Campaigns

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Email Campaigns in MonkeyPod allow you to send formatted email blasts to lists of users. In general, an Email Campaign is where you send an instance of a template you have created to an Email List.

Where do I find Email Campaigns in my MonkeyPod? 

To find your email templates go to Relationships - Campaigns

Here you will see all of your campaigns listed as well as information about them

How can I create a Campaign in my MonkeyPod?

!Before you can add a new campaign, you MUST create an Email List first!

!We highly suggest you work on your Email Template before you create your first email campaign!

Once you have created an email list and created a generic template, you can add a new campaign 

From here you will see this screen

This window allows you to quickly fill out information about your campaign:

Campaign Name: The name of the campaign. Be sure to give your campaign a thoughtful name that will make it easy to identify in a list of campaigns

Email List: The email list you want to send this campaign to

(Optional) Template: Here, you can select a template as the basis for this campaign. When you choose a template the system copies the template into this campaign. Any changes you make to the template IN the campaign will not be reflected in the template itself.

(Optional) Target Send DateThis creates a calendar appointment to remind you to check the template!

From here, simply click "Create Campaign" to further define your campaign!

From here, you can go between Settings - Content - Action Items - Delivery

What are the settings options in my MonkeyPod?

Once you create your campaign you have the option to adjust a variety of basic settings related to the campaign.

Campaign Info

These settings let you choose basic settings such as which email address a campaign will come from

!Remember - you must verify any email address that you want to send email from through MonkeyPod!

Recipient Targeting

Selecting "Sent to entire list" means that you will email everyone who is subscribed to that email list. If you want to further target your message, select "Send to list segment" and further segment based on role and other true/false attributes.


Here, you can select what you want to track for the Email Campaign

Save Settings

Be sure to save!! Be sure to save the settings for your campaign

How can I modify the content for the Email Campaign in my MonkeyPod?

If you selected an Email Template when you initially set up the campaign it will now show below. From here, you can use the text editor in exactly the same way you did when setting up an email template.

Remember, you should be modifying the Content for this Email Campaign. If you are modifying the Email Template itself!

Reset Template

If you didn't select a template or you have changed your mind go ahead and click "Reset template." You may also need to use this if you modiyfing your template AFTER you created the Email Campaign but before you added content.

!This will get rid of all of your changes! So be sure that you are SURE!

I'm ready to send email through my MonkeyPod!

To send yourself a test email first select "Send me an example." This will send an email to whoever is logged in.

!Be sure to check any Spam filters or Gmail folders....we can't predict how every email client is set up!

From here you can check a variety of settings!


You may be drafting an email to be sent at a later time. The Timing setting allows you to choose - do you want to send the email immediately or in the future?

Ready to send!

When you are ready to send, select the checkbox verifying that you are absolutely, positively certain you are ready to send and choose "Send

What can I see after a campaign is sent?

Once you send your campaign, refresh the screen and watch your numbers change.

Clicking on these areas will show you, in detail, who opened, clicked, or unsubscribed.

You can also see a general overview 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I add an Action Item so that someone from my organization can get their eyes on this email before I send it out?
    1. Yes! Simply select "Action Items" and add it right from the campaign!