Data Migration 3: Best Practices - Relationship Information

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Can I migrate relationship data into my MonkeyPod?

Yes- MonkeyPod makes data migration simple. To begin bringing people into the Relationships or CRM portion of MonkeyPod, you have to first determine four very important things:

  1. Which MonkeyPod entity types are relevant to your organization?
  2. What roles are important for our new MonkeyPod relationships? 
  3. Am I going to have custom attributes for any roles? 
  4. Are any of these entities related to each other (householding)?

Not sure what these would be for your organization? Make sure to check out these articles in the knowledge base to learn more about them!

  1. Entity Types: This article helps you learn the types of entities MonkeyPod provides you so you can determine how to best import your data
  2. Roles: This article helps you explore how Roles work in our system, they are highly customizable, so you will want to decide which roles you want your fresh new MonkeyPod relationships to have!
  3. Custom Attributes: This article helps you to explore the way that MonkeyPod handles Custom Attributes
  4. Householding: This article will help you understand how householding works in MonkeyPod

Once you have determined this information, you can begin importing what you need!

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