Generating Mail Merge Lists

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MonkeyPod can help you make labels or generate letters by giving you the fields to merge.

How does Mail Merge work in my MonkeyPod?

Mail Merge works by taking an Excel spreadsheet and pointing it to a Word document to perform the merge. While this is slightly outside of the scope of MonkeyPod, here is a link to Microsoft Support to show you how to do this.

MonkeyPod helps you to create the list to merge with your Word document.

How can I get a list to merge with from my MonkeyPod?

MonkeyPod makes it easy to generate and export a list of your entities in Excel.

  1. Go through the Advanced Search to prepare the list of people you want to have in your mail merge (shown above in the video)
  2. Export the list of people by clicking on the button that says "EXPORT W/ DETAILS" 
  3. The list will now be emailed to you so you can download it!
  4. Perform the merge in Microsoft Word!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I want to export a list related to specific Fundraising Asks?: If you want to generate a list with fundraising information, simply go to Reports->Fundraising Details

Want more amazing video content? Check out our YouTube channel!

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