Entering Expenses

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MonkeyPod makes it easy to enter and track all of your expenses in one place. This article gives a very basic overview on how to track expenses.

Where do I go to track expenses in my MonkeyPod?

In general, you can find any and all expenses that you need to track under the TRANSACTIONS menu under "Track Expenses"

Whether you're writing a check, entering a credit card charge, entering a bill or paying a bill, this is where you'll input most of your expenses.

While each screen is slight different depending on the expense, the thing you'll find in common for almost all of them is the ability to attribute an expense to an Account, a Class, a Grant, or a Tag.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I track expenses related to a grant?
    1. First, you would enter the grant as a grant transaction, then it is as easy as selecting the grant when you as selecting the grant from the prompt to "Apply Grant Funds"
  2. What if I want to split an expense?
    1. To split an expense simple click on the "+ Expense Line" text
  3. What are Accounts, Classes, and Tags?
    1. Check out this article to answer this question!