Undoing an Import

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We understand that sometimes an import doesn't go the way you think it's going to go. Maybe a bunch of duplicates were imported, or maybe there was something wrong with a bunch of the entities in the import template. Be sure to read the FAQs before doing this!

How do I delete an import in my MonkeyPod?

If you only need to merge a few accounts, you may not need to undo the entire import, check out our Duplicates Manager to make sure it doesn't suit your needs.

If you definitely need to delete the import, simply go to your organization's name, "Imports"-> "CSV Data"

From here click on the blue button on the top right that says "CSV IMPORT HISTORY"

This will bring you to all of your imports, simply select the import you would like to delete and it will undo the import of those records

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I did the import, and the person has donated since then?
    1. Anyone that has had something else tied to their account since the original import will not be deleted. This is especially true with donations. If they have donated or had a donation imported since they were imported, they will not be removed.
  2. What if I did the import, then edited the person's address since then?
    1. The updated information will be completely overwritten
  3. Is there someone I can pay to handle importing for me?
    1. Yes! email support@monkeypod.io and we can give you a quote based on the size and complexity of your data set.