Advanced Email Segmentation

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One of the great things about having all of your data in one place is the ability to target emails to certain groups. In this article, we look at specific ways that you can segment your email lists further.

***This article assumes you know the basics of the MonkeyPod Email Marketing system. If you don't check out these articles and this YouTube playlist***

How do I create new Email Lists based on information in my MonkeyPod?

The easiest way to do is is through our advanced entity search. Here are some common examples of searches to turn into email lists. Remember, these are just examples, we highly encourage you to think about which segments would work the best for your organization.

To get to the Advances Search go to "Relationships"->"Advanced Search"

Anyone who has donated 

To create an Email List of anyone who has donated ever. Go to your Advanced Search and select "Financial Activity"->"Contributions"->"At least .01 Lifetime" this will capture everyone who has ever donated anything above .01 to your organization!

From here, simply click on "Subscribe to Mailing List" and choose which list you would like to subscribe them to.

Anyone who is an active/former/never a monthly donor

Go to your Advanced Search and select "Financial Activity"->"Contributions"->"Monthly Donors" this will let you show you a list of donors in terms of monthly giving that you can then create an Email List.
****If you are running a membership based organization, you may want to look into the Memberships App it will let you do this and so much more****

From here you can further segment on Geography, Custom Attributes and so much more. Check out our article on the Advanced Search to learn more about this feature!

How do I segment for a specific campaign only?

Maybe you're not trying to create a entirely new email list, but only want to segment for a specific campaign.

To get started create your Email Campaign using the main list you want to further segment, then under "Recipient Targeting" select "Send to list segment"

From here you can select from Required and Optional Filters to further segment your list.

Required Filters

To further segment the Email List tied to your campaign, you are *Required* to select the role you want to segment on first. 

If the role doesn't matter because you are further segmenting on something else, simply select every role as shown below.

Optional Filters

After selecting your roles, you can then choose some optional filters to further segment.

These optional filters will show you your Custom Attributes as well as present options for you to send to people who opened or did not open a previous campaign.

The example below has an optional filter of "Did not open the Summer Program Update to Supporters" campaign.