Accounting for Donations Received through Fundraising Pages

MonkeyPod allows you to create unlimited fundraising campaigns for your organization. Each campaign has a dedicated web page where you can receive donations. You can choose which donation options are available and customize many other aspects of the page as well.

Automated Bookkeeping

Any donations you receive through a MonkeyPod fundraising page will be automatically recorded for you. We'll create a record of the donation for bookkeeping purposes and will add a record for the donor who made the gift (or attach the gift to an existing donor, as appropriate).

Accounting Logic

Much of the accounting logic we'll use to record your online donations is configurable by you. Each donation option is associated with a contributed income account, which we'll use to record the contributed income associated with the gift. If you indicate that there is a non-deductible portion of the gift (i.e. because the donor will receive something of value in exchange for the contribution), then you'll select an earned income account to use for that part of the transaction.

Each fundraising page may be associated with a class. These are optional, but if designate a class for a particular page, then we'll classify those gifts accordingly.


Every gift received through a fundraising page will also be tagged with the name of the page. You may optionally configure the page to receive off-line gifts as well. In that case, just use the same tag when manually recording a donation, and the page will be credited with the gift for reporting purposes.

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