Overview of...User Roles and Permissions

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Whether you are adding a user to your MonkeyPod or learning about role based permissions, it is important to understand that each user in MonkeyPod has a role. Keep reading below to learn more about these!

What are User Roles in my MonkeyPod?

User roles define what a MonkeyPod System user is able to do  in the system. They define what permission level that user has. 

These are different from Relationship Roles which are segments of entities in your MonkeyPod (think Donors, Vendor, Board Member etc...)

This role defines that that user will be able to do in your organization's MonkeyPod and is usually assigned when you add a new user 

How do I assign a role to a user in my MonkeyPod?

To find what role your users have, you can go to Your Organization->"Manage Users" 

Then click on the user whose role you would like to change, hit the three dots on the right and select "Edit User" from the actions menu

From here, you can choose which role you would like to assign that user to!

How do I edit the permissions for a currently existing role?

To edit the permissions for a currently existing role, click on "Manage Users"

Then click on "Permissions" to see a list of the current roles in your organization and the permissions for what they can do

From here, you can go through tab by tab and select what each user in each role can do!

How do I create a new role in my MonkeyPod?

The easiest way to create a new role in your MonkeyPod is to copy an already existing role and change the permissions. This means that you can start with a template for your new role!

To start, click on "Manage Users"

Then click on "Roles" to see a list of the current roles in your organization

Then select the role that you want to copy and modify by hitting the "copy" icon. In the screenshot below, we're going to copy and modify the role for Manager

This will bring up a window where you can choose the name for your new role. In this case our new role will be called "Volunteer Coordinator"

From here, simply click on Permissions, and choose the new permissions for your brand new role!

Can I delete a role in my MonkeyPod?

Sure! A role may only be deleted if it has no associated users. If you aren't seeing the delete icon, this likely means that there are users with that role, so first they must be re-assigned to a different role then they can be deleted.

To start, click on "Manage Users"

Then click "Roles"

From here you'll see that list of roles and on the right hand side you'll see a red trashcan, to delete the role simply click on that.

If a role can be deleted, a delete icon will appear in the roles table. Click that button to confirm that you want to delete it permanently. 

** Admins are Here to Stay**

The one exception to these guidelines is the "Admin" role, which is hard-coded with permission to do just about anything and cannot be changed or deleted. In addition, each organization must have at least one Admin user, so if there is only one Admin you won't be able to change that user's role or delete the user's account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I am adding a user for the first time?
    1. Check out this article on adding a user for the first time for more in depth information!
  2. What is sensitive?
    1. Two types of data can be considered "sensitive": 
      1. When recording something in the Action Feed, you can flag the note sensitive (if you have the requisite permissions). 
      2. Custom attributes may be designated as sensitive (or not). 

      In both cases, if the user doesn't have permission to see the sensitive data in question, it will not be viewable in the relationship's record.