Tracking Interactions

The primary function of a relationship's Interactions tab is to provide a quick historical record of the relationship's interactions with your organization. 

Screenshot of the relationship Bruce Wayne with the Interactions tab highlighted near the bottom of the screen, including a message about a previous interaction with Bruce

How do I record an interaction?

To record an interaction, open the Interactions tab and click "Record Interaction".

Screenshot of Interactions tab with Record Interaction button highlighted

Note what happened and when. You can also include a more detailed description if you like.

Screenshot of the form to add a new interaction, with the fields Critical Alert, What?, When?, and Description, and a Sensitive? checkbox. There are Cancel and Save buttons at the bottom right

How do I provide an alert to colleagues?

A secondary function of the Interactions tab is to provide an alert to colleagues who may have future interactions with the relationship. When logging an event, you can designate it as a "Critical Alert".

Screenshot of available critical alerts. There are four options: a gray No symbol, a gray exclamation point, a yellow star, and a red flag

When someone has a critical alert in their history, it automatically shows up prominently displayed at the top of their view. For example:

Screenshot of relationship page for Clark Kent. A starred alert at the top of the page displays a positive message about Clark

Screenshot of relationship page for Lex Luthor. A red flag alert at the top of the page displays a warning message about Lex

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