Connecting Entities

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Who is Connected to Whom and How?

MonkeyPod lets you track how the different entities in your database are connected to each other. Under the "Connections" tab on a contact's record, you can select other people or institutions in your database that are connected in some way. You can optionally include start and/or end dates for the connection. 

Connections are bidirectional. So, in the example from the screenshot above, if Alfred Pennyworth is "employed by" Bruce Wayne, then Bruce Wayne will automatically "employ" Alfred Pennyworth. Each entity is discoverable from the connections tab on the other's relationship page. 

Custom Connections

MonkeyPod starts you off with a handful of connection definitions by default (e.g., "married to", "an alum of", etc.) If these don't meet all of your needs, however, you can always create and configure your own. 

Click "Configure Connections" under Relationships in the navigation. To define a new connection type, just decide what you want to call each side of the relationship. Some relationships are symmetrical, for example "married to". If John is "married to" Jane, then Jane is also "married to" John. Others use different terminology for each side, such as "a parent of" and "a child of". 

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