Setting Notification Preferences

Want to get an email every time you receive a donation through a Fundraising Page? Want to know when an Action Item you have assigned has been marked completed? MonkeyPod can notify you as much or as little as you would like, simply adjust your Notification Preferences and you can continue to do the great work you do!

Where are notification preferences in my MonkeyPod?

To change your notification preferences, click on the top right-hand corner of your MonkeyPod (it is either your initials or your picture) and select "Notification Preferences" from the menu

How can I change my notification preferences in my MonkeyPod?

Once you navigate to your "Notification Preferences", you can select which notifications you would like to receive from MonkeyPod as well as how you would like to receive them. The screenshot below shows the various notification options that are available. 

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