Householding (Multiple Contacts Grouped Together)

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What is Householding?

Generally speaking, "householding" is grouping multiple contacts under the same household or institution, with each individual contact maintaining their own distinct record in your system.

Householding in MonkeyPod

An entity may be "householded" under another entity. (If the entity is an institution, as opposed to an individual, then the terms "parent" and "child" are used instead of "household".) This can be assigned when editing the entity record.

If an entity is classified in this way, two options become available:

(1) The entity may use the household/parent address. If selected, the entity no longer has its own address, but instead uses the address of the household/parent record. 

(2) The entity may credit its aggregate financial activity (i.e. donations, purchases, and spending) to the household/parent record. For example, if Tony Stark is householded under The Avengers and this option is selected, then when Tony Stark makes a gigantic donation to your organization, it will be The Avengers that shows up on your various "Top Donor" lists, not Tony Stark himself. 

Note: In the case of individuals (for example, a married couple) It doesn't really matter which entity is treated as the "head" of the household, as long as you're consistent. 

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