Advanced Relationship Searching

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The video here shows how to use Advanced Entity Searching to add people to email lists. Want to check out the use of this feature in a different context? Check out the recording from our Feature Training on Harnessing the Power of Custom Attributes.

What is Advanced Searching in my MonkeyPod?

MonkeyPod offers the ability to search your entities if you are 

  • Looking for donors who gave $1000 in the last year but have never subscribed to your annual Gala Mailing List
  • Looking for donors affiliated with a specific partner organization and located within 100 miles of Jacksonville, FL 

in MonkeyPod, these searches are no problem.

MonkeyPod User Tip: if you find yourself performing this search often, MonkeyPod gives you the ability to track membership in this search as a dynamic attribute

Where can I find Advanced Search in my MonkeyPod?

To get started with your super-specific searches in MonkeyPod, go to “RELATIONSHIPS” in the main navigation bar. You will see the dropdown menu open up as shown in the example below.

Under the Search/Reports column, you will select the last option “Advanced Search.” The six default search criteria which can be selected are "Saved Searches," "Basic Info," "Geography," "Financial Activity," "Mailing Lists," and "Custom Attributes."

The six criteria allow you to hone in on certain information that your organization tracks.

  1. Saved Searches: Filters with saved searches from the past
  2. Basic Info: Allows you to search for the basic information for the entity
  3. Geography: Searches based on where the person is actually located
  4. Financial Activity: Views specific giving and/or purchase history
  5. Mailing Lists: Checks whether someone is a member of, has unsubscribed from, or is not a member of a mailing list
  6. Custom Attributes: Uses your organization's custom attribute sets to search 

The criteria can be used together to complete searches like the ones described above and in the next example.

How does the Advanced Search in my MonkeyPod work?

To demonstrate how dynamic the search can be, the screenshot below shows a "Basic Info" search for Individuals, who are donors, and who ARE NOT Board Members.

Additionally, we will search for Financial information as well as Mailing List Information. 

When these are selected, additional search fields will appear for the additional criteria. 

To search for a donor who has given $1000 last year, you will select contributions by dropping down "At Least," entering the dollar value, and then selecting "Last Fiscal Year" from the second dropdown. The "And Also" button would allow you to add other parameters such as a search filter on "Lifetime" contributions.

Now to also filter out those individuals who have never subscribed to the Annual Gala Invitation, you will select "Never Subscribed to" from the Mailing List drop down and then select the relevant subscriber list. 

To view the results, scroll to the bottom of the screen. The results are displayed here as the criteria are filtered. If you see the alert " No relationships matching that criteria could be found" retry your search with some new parameters.

Once you run your search, you have the option to "Export w/ Details," "Subscribe to Mailing List," "Record a Bulk Interaction," or "Add All to Pipeline."

  1. Export with Details: Want to export your list with the information you searched? The export will be sent via email
  2. Subscribe to Mailing List: Selecting this adds everyone from the search to a mailing list. **Be sure to read the warnings in MonkeyPod**
  3. Record a Bulk Action: Planning on sending a piece of direct mail to everyone on this list? Record the action in bulk so that it appears on their accounts.
  4. Add to Pipeline: Want to add everyone on this list to a cultivation pipeline? You can add them here!

If there are special reports that you need to run frequently, you are able to save the search.

It will then show up as one of your Saved Searches criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I search for someone who is *not* on an Email List?
    1. From the Advanced Search window select "Mailing Lists"->"Never Subscribed To" then select the email list!