Advanced Entity Searching

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MonkeyPod allows you to search your entities in a very specific way.

Looking for donors who gave $1000 in the last year, but have never subscribed to your annual Gala Mailing List?

in MonkeyPod this search is NO PROBLEM!

aside: if you find yourself performing this search often, MonkeyPod gives you the ability to track membership in this search as a dynamic attribute

Where to go to do Advanced Searching in MonkeyPod

To run super specific searches in MonkeyPod, go to “RELATIONSHIPS” -> “Search Relationships”

From here you will see a series of boxes at the top of the screen that look like this

When it comes to searching, there are six areas that you can search on

  1. Saved Searches: Will show you saved searches from the past
  2. Basic Info: Let’s you search on the basic information for the entity
  3. Geography: Let’s you search on where the person is actually located
  4. Financial Activity: Let’s you search based on giving and purchase history
  5. Mailing Lists: Let’s you search on whether someone is a member of, has unsubscribed from, or is not a member of a mailing list
  6. Custom Attributes: Let’s you search based on your custom attribute sets

We can use these things together to complete searches like the one below.

Search for a donor who gave $1000 last year but isn’t on the Gala Invite Mailing List

Search what basic information you would like if any. In our case we want Individuals, who are donors, who ARE NOT Board Members

We then want to search on Financial information as well as Mailing List Information. When I click those areas, the window below will actually change, and those criteria will appear.

To search for a donor who has given $1000 last year, I select contributions of at least 1000.00 Last Fiscal Year.

To search people who ARE NOT on the Annual Gala Invitation Mailing List I select “has never subscribed to the Annual Gala Invitation”

To view the results, scroll to the bottom of the screen the people who are showing up are the results to this query

Once you run your search you have the option to

  1. Export with Details: Let’s you export your list with the information you want. The export will be sent to you via email
  2. Subscribe to Mailing List: This will bulk add everyone from the search to a mailing list. **Be sure to read the warnings in MonkeyPod**
  3. Record a Bulk Action: Planning on sending a piece of direct mail to everyone on this list? Record the action in bulk so that it appears on their accounts
  4. Add to Pipeline: Want to add everyone on this list to a cultivation pipeline? You can add them here!

Run this report a lot? Enter a name and hit the save button

It will then show up as one of your Saved Searches

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