How to Pay a Credit Card Bill

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One of the great things about MonkeyPod is the ability to easily manage your organization's finances. This includes accounting for any credit card payments that you may have made.

How do I enter that I paid a credit card bill in my MonkeyPod?

To begin, you should first reconcile the account

Next, to pay the bill, find the account in your Chart of Accounts and select "Pay Bill" from its action drop-down. 

From here, you can choose how you want to pay the bill:

  1. Create a bill in MonkeyPod that you can pay later
  2. Write check
  3. Write a check that you'll print later

Enter the relevant information and submit!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I enter that I *charged something* on my Credit Card?
    1. To do this, simply enter it as an expense. Need some help with this? Check out our overview of entering expenses!
  2. I don't see an Credit Card listed in my Chart of Accounts, how do I add it?
    1. Before you are able to make any credit card reconciliation in your MonkeyPod, you need to make sure that all relevant credit card accounts are set up as Liabilities in your Chart of Accounts. If you have NO connected credit card accounts, a warning will display that you must set one up before continuing to enter the charge.
    2. To add the account simply go to your Chart of Accounts, then Liabilities, then add a credit card

Want more amazing video content? Check out our YouTube channel!