Data Migration 1: Overview of Importing Your Data

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Whether you're coming over from another system or bringing together a collection of spreadsheets - MonkeyPod makes it possible for you to bring over what you need to ensure a smooth transition!

What data can I bring in to my MonkeyPod?

Data that can be brought in to MonkeyPod falls into four categories:

  1. Relationship Data - This is the data on all of your relationships - from Donors to Customers to Vendors this includes all of the relationships that you keep track of in your MonkeyPod
  2. Pre-MonkeyPod Transactions - These are donations from before your bookkeeping start date in MonkeyPod. Want to know more about this? Check out our suggested best practices for Financial Information
  3. Current Transactions - These are transactions from the current fiscal year
  4. Other Imports - These imports are for bringing in Tags and Items

What do I need to know/prepare for my imports?

Below you will find an overview of the process in general. We strongly encourage you to read these additional articles which outline how to best practices to bring over relationship information and tips to bring over financial information into your MonkeyPod smoothly.

In general though you will bring your relationships over first and then you bring over anything that is tied to them. For example: you bring in your Donors and then you bring in their donations.

To bring over your Relationships:

  1. Read our article on bringing in Relationship Information
  2. Take a look at your roles in MonkeyPod and add any you may need.
    1. You will also want to create your custom attributes first in MonkeyPod so they have somewhere to land
  3. Take everyone from your Donor list, Program Participant lists, Email List, Vendor Lists, etc.. and try to put them into one list.
    1. As you are importing you can assign them multiple roles
  4. Use the data import templates to prepare and perform your import!

To bring over Email Subscriptions:

  1. Create your Email Lists in your MonkeyPod first
  2. Bring in your relationship information first
    1. We can't import an email list subscription if the relationship isn't in the system yet
    2. The import connects that record to an Email List
  3. Use the data import templates to prepare and perform your import!

To bring over your past Donations and/or Sales:

Remember, each line of your import file will be an instance of a donation or a Sale. This means that if someone has given 23 times to your organization, their name/email/donor ID will show up 23 times in the import file!

  1. Read our article on best practices for bringing in your Financial Information
  2. Use the data import templates to prepare and perform your import!
  3. Perform your Import!

!!! You will have to re-enter recurring donations. One way to do this easily is to make a Fundraising Page that you can send to people to re-enter their information!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Is there an easy way to manage duplicates in my MonkeyPod? Would I be able to import everything and then dedupe?
    1. Yes! MonkeyPod has a built-in Duplicate Manager that can help dedupe after the data migration is complete.
  2. What's the best way to bring in my financial data? 
    1. Check out this article specifically on bringing over your financial information
  3. What's the best way for me to bring over my relationship data?
    1. Check out this article specifically on bringing over your relationship information
  4. Is there an article on how to use the data import templates?
    1. Yes! - Check out our article on Using the Data Import Templates!
  5. Is there help available for me to talk to someone?
    1. Yes! - Join us for Welcome Wednesdays - These are our Open Office Hours
  6. Can I just pay someone to do this?
    1. Yes! - email and let us know you would like to purchase this service!

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