Editing Opening Balances

When you create an account with a non-zero opening balance, MonkeyPod automatically records a journal entry to reflect that amount. But what if you accidentally enter the wrong amount when you create the account? MonkeyPod won't let you change the journal entry directly, but you can easily go in and change the Opening Balance on that account!

How do I change an Opening Balance in my MonkeyPod?

To change an opening balance in your MonkeyPod, the most important thing to know is that you will ** not be editing the journal entry itself** but instead you will be editing the Opening Balance on the account.

First, go to your  Chart of Accounts which can be found under Your Organization->Accounting->Chart of Accounts

Next, go to the account that you want to edit the Opening Balance of and select "Edit" from the actions menu

From here, simply scroll down and edit what you need, whether it's the amount or the date!

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