Email Campaigns - Segmentation

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Sending to an Entire List

When you create an email campaign, the default behavior is to send it to everyone on the associated email list. If that's what you want to do, then you can ignore the rest of this article!

Sending to Part of a List

If a campaign should only go to some of the subscribers on the list, then you'll need to segment the list. On the campaign settings tab, choose "Send to List Segment". Then you need to decide who should receive the campaign:

  1. (REQUIRED) Select which relationship roles should be included. You must choose at least one role, but you may select as many as you like (or all). Subscribers with any of the selected roles will be included.
  2. (OPTIONAL) If you have any custom attributes with the "true/false" data type (including dynamic attributes), you may also include them as an additional requirement. In that case, subscribers will only be included if they match at least one of the specified roles AND at least one of the specified attributes. 

Remember, dynamic custom attributes map to relationship search criteria. That means that any complex segmentation criteria that can be used in a relationship search can also be used for list segmentation.

To preview which subscribers match your segmentation criteria, go to the delivery tab for the campaign and click the link labeled "X subscribers" (where X is the number of matching subscribers). 

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