Eventbrite - Tracking Event Registration and Ticket Sales

MonkeyPod's Eventbrite app allows you to connect your organization to your Eventbrite account. Once connected, ticket sales will be recorded (both the financial transactions and related relationship records) in near real-time.

How do I add Eventbrite to my MonkeyPod?

To add Eventbrite to your MonkeyPod simply go to Your Organization - MonkeyPod Apps and Explore App Marketplace:

From here find Eventbrite and click on "Install":

How does this integration work with my MonkeyPod?

When someone purchases a ticket to an event, MonkeyPod automatically records the sale for you. A relationship record will be created for the buyer (if one doesn't exist already), and the sale will show up under the buyer's record in MonkeyPod as well as in the accounting for the event. Note that the first time someone purchases a ticket for an event in Eventbrite, MonkeyPod will create a tag with the name of the event, which is then used on all sales related to that event.

The following shows a "ticket" purchase for our Welcome Wednesday Open Office Hour on Sept 28th:

How do I configure each event in my MonkeyPod?

To configure your Eventbrite click on Your Organization - "Eventbrite".

From here, there are three things the system needs to know to work its magic:

Basic Settings

MonkeyPod needs an item that represents a "ticket". This item will be used on all of your sales. Don't worry too much about a default price; the actual purchase price will be used on all sales. 

Configure Events

You can then configure settings for each event. For example, the event below is MonkeyPod's own Third Party Tools event.

Even though this event is free, we can still configure:

  1. a class that will be assigned to the sales,
  2. a role that will be assigned to any buyers that weren't already in the database,
  3. a tag for the event if you already have one.


The Eventbrite dashboard in MonkeyPod also shows a list of your most recent orders:

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