Peer to Peer (P2P) fundraising pages

Heads up! Before learning about fundraising sub-pages, make sure you are familiar with the accounting rules for fundraising pages!

Social Fundraising

Fundraising sub-pages are a powerful feature that allows you to engage your most enthusiastic constituents in your fundraising efforts. 

The first step is to create a fundraising page that will serve as the "main" or "parent" page. The parent page is a regular fundraising page that represents the overarching campaign as a whole and serves as a template for sub-pages. 

Next, use the actions dropdown for the parent page to create a Sub-Page. Each Sub-Page must be given a distinct name and will be assigned its own URL. Aside from that, you can customize each individual sub-page as much or as little as you like. It could share almost all settings with its parent, or it could use totally different imagery and language, and even follow different accounting rules. It's entirely up to you!

Who (and What) Gets Credit?

When a donation is made through a fundraising sub-page, all of the standard stuff happens -- it's automatically recorded in your books, the donor is sent a receipt, you're notified about the gift, etc. However, there are two additional things that happen that don't happen with regular fundraising pages:

1. The gift will be tagged with both its own tag and the tag for its parent page. That means the parent page will be credited (for reporting purposes) with all gifts received through its sub-pages, in addition to any received through the parent page itself.

2. Optionally, you can choose a relationship in your database to be soft-credited on any gifts received through the sub-page. For example, you might create a dedicated fundraising sub-page for each of your board members in connection with your annual fund drive. Each board member would be responsible for driving traffic to their own page, and would then be soft-credited on the gifts that come from their efforts. A more ambitious example would be something like a 5K race that you organize, in which each participating runner is assigned a dedicated fundraising sub-page where they can collect donations for your organization. Each runner could then be soft credited with the gifts they raise. The possibilities are endless.

Receiving Gifts (or Not) Through the Parent Page

Typically, organizations will use the parent page as the default landing page for the campaign, and link to it from their website, etc. However, you may not want anyone to donate through the parent page at all, in which case you can disable it by setting its ending date in the past.

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