Email Lists

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Want to be able to communicate to groups of constituents easily? MonkeyPod's email lists provide an easy way to manage those groups! Looking for more of a general email marketing overview!? be sure to check out our Overview of Email Marketing.

Where are email lists in my MonkeyPod?

You can find all of your email lists under "Relationships" -> “Email Lists"

Screenshot showing where to find Email Marketing
You can find email lists under "Relationships"->"Email Lists"

From here, you will see all of the email lists that are currently in your MonkeyPod.

How do I create an email list in my MonkeyPod?

From your main email list window, click on "Add a List"

Now just add in the information about your new email list.

Screenshot showing an example list name, from name, and from email address
Giving a name, from email, and from name to your email list

You will need to let your MonkeyPod know:

  • List Name: The name of the email list you are creating.*
  • From Email: The email address you want to send emails from.
  • From Name: The name that you want to send emails from.

In the example shown above, an email list will be created that is named Newsletter, is sent from "Your friends at MonkeyPod," from

When you are done, click the green check mark at the end of the line.

*When someone subscribes or unsubscribes from your list they will see the name, so be sure to keep it general and something you don't mind your relationships seeing!

How to add subscribers to an email list

In general, you have five options to add subscribers to email lists:

  1. Adding a single subscriber
  2. Adding subscribers by role
  3. Adding subscribers from search results
  4. Accepting signups through your website (Covered in this separate article)
  5. Importing subscribers (Covered in this separate article)

To begin adding subscribers to an email list, simply click on the email list name that you want to add subscribers to

From here, you will be shown the current subscribers to this list. To add more subscribers click on "Add subscribers"

You will then be presented with three options to add subscribers:

1) Adding a single subscriber

2) Adding subscribers by role

3) Adding subscribers from search results

Looking to import a list of subscribers?! Check out this article to learn how

Looking to add an email list sign up to your website?! Check out this article to learn how

1 - Adding a Single Subscriber

The window to add a single subscriber

This option gives you the ability to manually add a relationship as a subscriber to that email list. Simply type in their name to find them in your MonkeyPod or create a new record and they will be added!

!!Important: This process skips the normal opt-in workflow, so make sure you have permission to send this person email!

2 - Adding Subscribers by Role

This will give you the ability to add relationships who have a specific role* to the email list.

Screenshot showing Board Member and Customer roles
This will allow you to add Board Members and Customers to an email list

From here, you can click "Preview Import" and choose who you want to subscribe or exclude. You can also choose to subscribe everyone.

Screenshot showing options for email subscriptions
You can choose who to subscribe or exclude, or if you would like you can subscribe all.

*This will only add relationships who:

  • are NOT marked Do Not Email
  • have not previously unsubscribed from this email list
  • have a valid email to the email list.

3 - Adding Relationships from Search Results

Sometimes you need to subscribe a group of relationships to a mailing list based on specific criteria. For example, you may want to subscribe donors who have given $500 or more in the last fiscal year and live in the state of California.

To do this, start by clicking on "Advanced relationship search"

A screenshot showing where to get started with this process
To get started with this, click on advanced relationship search

This will bring you to MonkeyPod's Advanced Relationship Search.

Screenshot showing the advanced relationship search
MonkeyPod's advanced relationship search

Once you have your list, go ahead and click "Subscribe to Mailing List" to add them to your list.

!!Important: This process skips the normal opt-in workflow, so make sure you have permission to send this person email. 

4 - Accepting Self-Signups on your Own Website

MonkeyPod makes this easy by allowing you to embed subscription forms directly into your website. If you're interested in this option, be sure to check out the dedicated article in the Knowledgebase.

5 - Importing an Email List

To import an email list, you need to familiarize yourself with our importer! We make it easy to bring over your email lists, just follow the instructions and you'll be good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I can't see all of my lists, is there a place where archived lists show up?
    1. Yes! Archived lists are hidden by default to help keep your workspace clean and on task. If you would like to see your archived lists, simply click the "Show Archived" box at the top right.