Customize your dashboard

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MonkeyPod allows you to have information at your fingertips that is the most important to you! One of the ways that Monkeypod accomplishes this is by letting you fully customize the first thing you see when you login, your dashboard.

Your dashboard in MonkeyPod has a collection of widgets that shows you different aspects of your organization. These can be configured by role or customized by each individual user. You can also drag and drop them by clicking the three lines to move them around. 

To customize your dashboard

First, click the Customize Dashboard button 

Next, you will see a screen that shows you two halves, the top shows your current widgets. Here, you can remove widgets from the screen by clicking the red Remove text 

Lastly, click "Add to Dashboard" to add them to your dashboard, the list below only shows a couple of the options available, so make sure to check it out in your dashboard to get the full list

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