Customize your MonkeyPod Dashboard

Let MonkeyPod greet you with the information that matters most to you! One of the ways that Monkeypod accomplishes this is by letting you fully customize the first thing you see when you log in (also called the MonkeyPod dashboard.)

How do I use my MonkeyPod dashboard?

The dashboard in your MonkeyPod has a collection of widgets that identify and display different aspects of your organization. These can be configured by role or customized by each individual user. 

What settings can I customize on my MonkeyPod dashboard?

From the main navigation bar, select "YOUR MONKEYPOD" to expand the menu.  Beneath the Dashboard/Settings column, select the first link "Dashboard" as shown in the screenshot below.

After you select the "Dashboard" button, the Current Widgets will display. If you have not yet edited this, you will likely see MonkeyPod Tips & Tricks, Working Capital, and Revenue displayed on the page. Look for the "Customize Dashboard" button beneath the Dashboard heading.

After you select the "Customize Dashboard" button, the list of Current Widgets will display at the top of the page. You are able to remove widgets from the screen by clicking the red Remove text. For example, after you become an expert MonkeyPod user, you may be able to remove the "MonkeyPod Tips & Tricks" from your dashboard. This is completely customizable for your organization and users.

Lastly, click "Add to Dashboard" to add other widgets to your MonkeyPod dashboard.

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