Welcome to MonkeyPod Onboarding!

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Welcome to onboarding at MonkeyPod! We are so happy to have you with us!

One of the things we want to provide you with is a guide to make your onboarding experience as seamless and stress-free as possible!

When it comes to joining MonkeyPod there are *two parts* to our onboarding process:

  1. Bringing your data over: We need to get your data into our system! Data Migration is a big topic, so make sure to check out the Help Center page on Data Migration
  2. Getting you up to speed on all things MonkeyPod: That's what this article does!

Getting Started

MonkeyPod is an amazing all-in-one system that brings together your CRM, Accounting System, Email Marketing, and Fundraising Pages!

To get started, be sure to do the following things:

✔ Sign up for your Free Trial of MonkeyPod if you haven't already

✔ Download our General Onboarding Plan (if you are Pro or Enterprise, you will get a personalized one of these!)

✔ Check out our YouTube Channel

✔ Check out the Overview articles for each area of MonkeyPod

✔ Check out our sweet community section for blogs and other fun stuff

Learn the basics

Follow this learning path to learn the basics of MonkeyPod!

Try these things!

Already have your free account?! Make sure to check out these articles in the Help Center:

Thing to Try #1: Add a Second User

Thing to Try #2: Think about your relationship roles; try a few out!

Thing to Try #3: Get your Chart of Accounts ready by checking out Accounts, Classes, and Tags

Thing to Try #4: Connect your Bank Account and Check out Automated Bookkeeping

Thing to Try #5: Check out how MonkeyPod can help you manage tasks for your team

Thing to Try #6: Check out the specifics of the Data Import Template

Thing to Try #7: Take a look at Email Marketing

Thing to Try #8: Make a Fundraising Page

Don't see what you're looking for?

Shoot us an email at support@monkeypod.io!

Want more amazing video content? Check out our YouTube channel!