Adding a User to your Organization in MonkeyPod

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In MonkeyPod you can have an unlimited number of users to get your work done! Whether you need to add your accountant, your bookkeeper, a manager, or someone that is unique to your organization, MonkeyPod supports all types of users!

Before you add someone though, you have some decisions to make! 

Who am I going to add?

The first decision when adding a user is what Roles and Permissions they're going to need. 

What rights are they going to have? 

You should also think about whether the user needs access to sensitive information. Once these decisions have been made, you're ready to add the user.

How to Add a New User

Where to go

To add a new user click on your company name then click on "Manage Users"

Then click on "Add a user account"

What to Enter

Enter the new user's name, and they email address they will use to login to the system

Next choose their "Role". MonkeyPod gives you some default roles, however if you want to add your own roles make sure you visit our Roles and Permissions Article

Officially Add them

Once you click the ✔ your user will be added! They will receive an invitation from MonkeyPod to activate their account and get started in their role in your organization.

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