Your organization has relationships with a lot of different entities! You may have:

  • Donors who keep you going
  • Customers who buy things you sell
  • Individuals you provide services to

and many more!

❕If you are Migrating to Monkeypod it is *REALLY* important that you know what roles you are going to have in your system!

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What are Relationship Roles?

To organize and segment information for entities of a specific type, MonkeyPod uses Roles. 

At it's core, roles are labels that you assign to different types of relationships

To see which role an entity holds, you simply go to their account and look the top right hand corner, you'll see the roles there!

❕An entity in MonkeyPod can have one role, several roles, or no roles.

How do they work!?!?!

Roles do two important things:

  1. They allow you to pick and choose what information your team will see for each individual relationship ( Check out how to change what you see by role)
  2. They help identify which groups of people you need to communicate with in a particular context (Check out our Email Marketing section for more information)

Adding a role when you create an entity

When you create an entity, the roles you have in the system are listed on the Create Relationship screen shown below

How do I add *my own* roles?

To begin, MonkeyPod gives you the commonly used roles of:

  • Customer
  • Donor
  • Employee
  • Vendor

❕While you can add as many roles as you want, we typically recommend that you stick to between 5 and 7!

To add a role simply go to " Relationships" then click on "Manage Roles" 

Then click on  "Add a new role"

Type in your new roles and go!

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