Donor Retention Metrics

Donor retention metrics examine the percentage of donors who give from one year to the next. A high donor retention rate means you're doing a great job stewarding these important relationships. MonkeyPod makes it easy to access your donor retention metrics and a list of your monthly recurring donors.

How can I look at Donor Retention in my MonkeyPod?

You can find "Donor Retention" under the Reports menu.

There are two main views and ways to use the Donor Retention page: Retention Metrics and Monthly Donors.

Donor Retention Metrics

After opening the Donor Retention page, you can view your metrics over a specific date range, over the past 12 months, or for your fiscal year to date. MonkeyPod will automatically calculate your donor retention metrics as well as show you metrics for the previous year for comparison.

When using the Donor Retention Metrics, you will want to specify a date range.  Next, you can select whether you are looking at the Fiscal YTD or the past 12 months. If you use Fiscal YTD, it will be based on your accounting settings.

Retained Donors: At least one donation, pledge, or grant between the previous year and again between the current range selected.

Donations from Retained Donors: Donations, pledges, and grants between the current date range by donors who also donated during the prior year.

Re-engaged Donors: At least one donation, pledge, or grant before the prior year and again between the selected date range but none in the interim period. These donors lapsed for an entire fiscal/calendar year but have resumed donations.

Donations from Re-engaged Donors: Donations, pledges, and grants between the current date range by existing donors who did not give during the prior year.

First-Time Donors: First-time donors between the selected date range.

Donations from First-Time Donors: Donations, pledges, and grants between the selected date range by first-time donors.

Monthly Donors

On the Monthly Donors tab, you will see a list of all of your monthly donors, their donation amount, and the date of their first and latest donations. You can also filter your list of monthly donors by Active or Ended.

Improving Donor Retention

Improving your donor retention metrics is a smart way to boost your fundraising in a cost-effective way. For more information about how to identify and reengage lapsed donors, check out our blog post How To Improve Donor Retention.

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