Entity Types

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MonkeyPod allows for A LOT of flexibility when it comes to your entities. In this article, we explore entity types.

❕Need a reminder on what an entity is? Check out the Help Center Article on Entities

What are the entity types in MonkeyPod? 

Entities in MonkeyPod can be one of six types, but really there is only one distinction that needs to be made.

❕Unlike " Roles" an entity can only have one type in MonkeyPod!

  1. Individual: This is an entity, usually an individual person, that interacts with your organization on their own behalf

The rest of these entities, interact with you as the type of entity they are.

  1. Organization: This is an entity that interacts with you as an organization 
  2. Foundation: This is an entity that interacts with you as a foundation
  3. Government: This is an entity that interacts with you as a government entity
  4. Corporate: This is an entity that interacts with you as a corporation
  5. Other: This type of entity is reserved for when an entity doesn't neatly fit into a category above

Can I have someone listed as an individual AND as an organization?

Great question! The answer is YES!

Chances are you're asking this because you have a board member who gives money as an individual AND ALSO through their organization. To do this you need to  make an entity for each, then connect them!

How do I do this?

1. Click on the Relationship menu at the top of the screen

2. Click Create Entity

3. Make an account for the individual entity by selecting Individual, filling out the form, and clicking Save

4. Make an account for the organization entity by selecting Organization, filling out the form, and clicking Save

5. Then connect them

What is the difference between an Entity Type and an Entity Relationship Role?

An "Entity Type" is a general designation for the kind of entity a contact/constituent/stakeholder an entity is. 

An " Entity Relationship Role" is the way an entity interacts with your organization (Want to see more about this? Check out the Help Center article on Roles)

Want amazing video content? Check out our YouTube channel!