Overview of...Budgets

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One of the great things about MonkeyPod is the ability to make budgets and count spending against them as you go. This article will go over how budgets work in general.

Budget Overview

To find budget tools in MonkeyPod simply click "Budgets" from the main window

Budgets come in three different types:

  1. Organization: Budgets for your organization
  2. Class: Budgets for a class of expenses
  3. Grant: Budgets having to do with a grants

Each of these three types of budget allows you to allocate an amount for a particular thing and to track money coming in as part of that thing 

Budget Roll Ups

One of the most power things about budgets are the ability to "roll up" budgets. This feature allows you to create separate budgets for specific things, then "roll them up" into one budget.

For example: Maybe you have a budget for each one of your programs and these are the totals:

Budget for Program 1
Budget for Program 3
Budget for Program 2

But then, let's say you also have a budget for programs as a whole which totals $200,000. What a budget rollup allows you to do is " roll up"  your three program budgets into one that you can then compare to your budget  across all programs.

Want to try this feature out in more than just an overview!?!!? Article specifically on budget rollups coming soon!

Limitations on Budgets

You can make budgets on tags, just be careful! There is the potential to double count in a roll up! 

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