Overview of...Budgets

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One of the great things about MonkeyPod is the ability to make budgets and count spending against them as you go. This article will go over how budgets work in general.

How do budgets work in my MonkeyPod?

Budgets come in four different types:

  1. Organization: Budgets for your organization
  2. Class: Budgets for a class of expenses
  3. Grant: Budgets tied to a grant
  4. Tag: Budgets tied to a tag

These three types of budget scopes allow you to allocate an amount for a particular thingand to track money coming in as part of that thing.

For example, if you have a budget that has a Class scope, and you choose the Fundraising class, the budget will show the actuals that are attributed to the Fundraising class. So any transactions tied to the Programs/Services and Management and General classes will not show up.

Where do I enter a budget in my MonkeyPod?

To find budget tools in MonkeyPod simply click "Budgets" from the main window.

Screenshot of BUDGETS menu with options Budgets, Create Budget, Budget Roll-ups, and Create Budget Roll-up

This will then show you a list of your budgets. To add a new one click on "Create a new budget"

From here you can choose the budget scope

Give the budget a name, dates, and enter the budget lines for the accounts from your chart of accounts!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you do a rollup of multiple budgets?
    1. Yes! Check out our article on Budget Roll Ups to learn how to do this!
  2. Can I bring in my budget lines with a CSV upload? 
    1. yes! Simply select CSV upload and follow the instructions from there