Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is MonkeyPod accounting software?

Yes! But only sort of. MonkeyPod includes a true nonprofit accounting system. Instead of requiring awkward workarounds, MonkeyPod automatically enforces nonprofit accounting rules and guidelines for you. You get access to a real nonprofit chart of accounts, nonprofit financial reports, the ability to track spending by class / functional categories, and tools to manage your grants. But MonkeyPod is not just nonprofit accounting. It is an integrated platform with powerful features that support relationship management, email marketing, online fundraising, and more.

We use QuickBooks. Why should we switch to MonkeyPod?

Many of our clients used QuickBooks before switching to MonkeyPod. Check out our MonkeyPod vs. QuickBooks article to understand why you should make the switch.

Is MonkeyPod a CRM?

Yes! But only sort of. MonkeyPod includes a fully configurable CRM database to manage all of your relationships -- donors, board members, staff, volunteers, vendors, and others. You can create an unlimited number of roles, add custom attributes, and configure and track connections. But MonkeyPod is not just a CRM. It is an integrated platform with powerful features that support accounting, email marketing, online fundraising, and more.

How many CRM records can I store in MonkeyPod? 

Unlimited. You read that right. You can store an unlimited number of CRM records in MonkeyPod at no additional cost. Grow your organization without fear of running into expensive mark ups.

Can MonkeyPod help with online fundraising?

Absolutely! You can create unlimited fundraising pages in MonkeyPod, at no additional cost. Your fundraising pages can be branded to look like your website. MonkeyPod processes online payments using Stripe, and automatically records donations in your books. You can provide donors with the option to donate once or on a recurring basis, and MonkeyPod supports partially-deductible donations.

Why should I use MonkeyPod for email marketing?

There are many good, stand-alone email marketing tools available. But with MonkeyPod you can add and manage unlimited records, email lists, campaigns, and templates at no additional cost. MonkeyPod’s email marketing is fully integrated with the rest of the platform. In MonkeyPod you can design and send email campaigns and analyze your campaign metrics. But you can also drill down to see if a person who just opened your newsletter has ever donated before, if they are connected to anyone else in your donor database, and what events they have attended previously. There’s no need to reconcile the information in your email marketing system and the information in your CRM. MonkeyPod’s email marketing gives you information in context, which allows you to make more informed and timely decisions.

What does it cost to add users?

Nothing. You can add an unlimited number of users. And each user can be given different permissions for viewing and accessing information. There’s no need to share login information across multiple users or limit access to one or two people in your organization. MonkeyPod lets everyone access the information they need, on demand.

Can I store documents in MonkeyPod?

Yes, in MonkeyPod you can store an unlimited number of documents with each transaction or relationship. Upload receipts, bills, invoices or other documentation. Documents are stored alongside the transaction record so you can stay organized and breeze through your audit.

Can MonkeyPod help me manage our grants?

Yes, MonkeyPod helps with grant management in two ways. First, in MonkeyPod you can track expenses on your existing grants so you will always know exactly how much funding is left in a particular grant. Second, through MonkeyPod’s Grant Tracker App, you can track all of your grant proposals and other institutional funding requests. You can organize documents, assign tasks, and work as a team to deliver your best work.

What are MonkeyPod apps?

MonkeyPod is the central hub for your organization. It does lots of stuff by default, but every organization is unique. With MonkeyPod Apps, you can customize MonkeyPod until it fits like a glove. Some apps integrate with 3rd-party services (e.g., ticket selling, payroll) while others add bells and whistles based on specific use cases and best practices.

What reports are available?

A ton! And most reports can be exported to Excel. If there is an important report that you need that we don’t have, let us know and maybe we can add it.

How can I get my data into MonkeyPod from my existing systems?

You can import your data into MonkeyPod through our self-service onboarding or take advantage of our full-service migration and import service.

Do I have to migrate all of my data at once?

No. We recommend a multi-stage process for migrating your data. MonkeyPod provides a user-friendly onboarding process to help you navigate migration. But if that is a bit daunting or if you just don’t have the time, we offer a full-service migration and import service.

Can MonkeyPod be set up to align with our fiscal year?

Of course! When you set up your organization you’ll input the first day and month of your fiscal year. All financial and accounting reports will use your organization’s fiscal year for timespan calculations.

Can my Board of Directors use MonkeyPod?

Yes, you can give your board members access to MonkeyPod, at no additional cost. It is a great way to get your board more engaged in their support of your mission and work. MonkeyPod allows you to configure permissions for each individual, so that each user only has access to view and/or modify information relevant to them.

Can I buy only one part of MonkeyPod?

No. MonkeyPod is a holistic, integrated platform. That means all of its components -- accounting, CRM, online fundraising, email marketing -- communicate with one another. For example, when a donation is received through a MonkeyPod fundraising page, that donation is automatically recorded in your books and updated in your CRM. The power of MonkeyPod is in the integrative nature of all its different parts. And because MonkeyPod is affordable for nonprofits of all sizes, you don’t have to worry about paying for multiple, expensive systems.

How can I ensure no unauthorized payments are made in MonkeyPod?

MonkeyPod does not give users the ability to make payments via online banking. The connection between MonkeyPod and online banking is read only. Your bookkeeper or accountant can record transactions, or in many cases, transactions are automatically recorded by MonkeyPod. But actual payments require printing a check or submitting credit card information to the payee.

How secure is MonkeyPod?

Very secure! MonkeyPod uses enterprise-grade encryption and other industry standard security protocols. On top of that, we don’t store any credit card data (either yours or your donors’), so there’s never a risk that someone (including people on your team or even our own technical staff) could access that information on our servers. Having said that, you are responsible for ensuring that you and your staff follow all the usual best practices for passwords and login security. If a bad guy were to guess your password and login to MonkeyPod, we would generally have no way of knowing that it wasn’t you, so they could access your data, etc. It’s usually a good idea to use a password management app like 1Password or even just your browser.

What happens to my data if I cancel my subscription?

Nothing, at first. Sometimes people cancel and then change their minds, and we want to make sure your data is right where you left it. You can come back at any time and it will still be there, ready to pick up where you left off. On the other hand, if you ask us to delete all of your data, then we’ll honor that request. (Note from the lawyers: MonkeyPod does not guarantee that we will retain your data indefinitely after cancelling your subscription. This is our current practice and we don’t have plans to change it, but it is nonetheless subject to change at any time and without advance notification.)

What do I get with my free trial?

You get 14 days of unlimited access. Everything in MonkeyPod is included in the monthly subscription, with the exception of some apps. MonkeyPod apps are provided on an a la carte basis to allow you to further customize your tools.

Why is it so expensive?

Is it really? With MonkeyPod you get a real nonprofit accounting system, a fully configurable database to manage your relationships, online fundraising infrastructure, email marketing, moves management, cloud-based storage and access, unlimited users...the list goes on! And you get all of that in one, integrated platform. If you compare that to the multiple systems you would have to purchase to gain the same functionality, you’d be spending thousands of dollars each month.

Why is it so cheap?

We like to think we’re pretty good at this. MonkeyPod was designed specifically for nonprofits and built from the ground-up to be as automatic and efficient as possible. We also think we have a responsibility to help level the playing field by making the core functionality of MonkeyPod accessible to nonprofits of all sizes, particularly the small and mighty ones that are doing important work with limited resources.

Can I use MonkeyPod for my for-profit business?

No, MonkeyPod is designed to support only nonprofit organizations.

How can I trust you'll be around forever?

While nothing lasts forever, the MonkeyPod team is committed to your and our collective success and has track records to back that up.

What if I want to move to another provider? Can I get my data out?

Yes, you can self-service export your data from MonkeyPod at any time at no cost.