Entering a Bill

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MonkeyPod is built to help you seamlessly manage your organization's funds. An important part of that is managing invoices and bills that have been sent to you by vendors.

How do I enter a Bill in my MonkeyPod?

To enter a bill into your MonkeyPod, simply select TRANSACTIONS from the main navigation bar. With the menu expanded, select "Enter a Bill"  under the Track Expenses column (as shown in the screenshot below).

Bill Info

This is basic information about the bill, including the Vendor, the Payable Account for that Vendor, and the dates associated with the bill.

Optional Information

Things that might be useful to note such as:

  1. A tag that your organization has to denote that the bill is tied to a specific program or event
  2. A reference number for the bill
  3. A memo about the bill
  4. Or other debits and credits tied to the bill


This is where you enter the information about the expense. What account is it coming from? Which class? Do we apply grant funds to that expense? 

If the bill includes multiple lines, simply add a new expense line and you can allocate expenses on one bill to multiple things.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I mark bills as Paid in MonkeyPod?

Marking bills is just as easy as getting them entered. Head on over to the article focused on paying bills to find out!