Paying Bills

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Your MonkeyPod makes it easy to record the payment of multiple bills at once, making it easy to mark bills as paid so that you can be efficient!

How do I pay bills in my MonkeyPod?

Once you have entered your bills, simply select TRANSACTIONS from the main navigation bar. Under Track Expenses, select the "Pay Bills" menu option.

On the next screen, you'll see payment information and your outstanding bills.

Selecting Payment Information

The first part of the screen is where you can select Payment Information, which account the bills are being paid from, and if you'll be printing checks from MonkeyPod. Remember, you're not *actually* paying bills from here. You're marking bills as paid. 

Selecting which Bills were 

From here, just check off which bills you are paying and hit Pay Bill!

How do I print checks from my MonkeyPod?

To print checks head to Transactions - Print Checks

Check out our article on Printing Checks from MonkeyPod to get detailed information on how to Print Checks from your MonkeyPod!