Stripe - Pricing for Transaction Processing

By connecting your Stripe account to MonkeyPod, you can unlock the ability for MonkeyPod to process certain transactions for you, and in some cases to even record them automatically in your books. Most importantly, this includes the ability to create online fundraising pages with a wide range of donation options. You'll also be able to receive credit card payments for invoices and pledges.

Both Stripe and MonkeyPod charge small fees for processing these credit card transactions. Stripe's base pricing is 2.9% plus $0.30/transaction. MonkeyPod charges an additional 1% of each transaction it processes. 

MonkeyPod fees only apply to transactions that MonkeyPod processes. If you use your Stripe account to process transactions outside of MonkeyPod, then you will only be responsible for Stripe's fees on those transactions.

Note: When MonkeyPod auto-records a transaction in your books, the transaction processing fees are included in the accounting record, so you'll always know exactly how much you're spending.

How do I connect Stripe to my MonkeyPod?

To connect Stripe to your MonkeyPod click on your Organization's Menu to reveal the menu items and then select "Explore App Marketplace" under MonkeyPod Apps

From here scroll down to the Stripe app and click "Install"

MonkeyPod will ask you to Confirm that you want to install the Stripe app so be sure to select "Confirm"

How do I configure Stripe with my MonkeyPod?

From here, select "Finish Setup" to configure Stripe's connection to your MonkeyPod

From here, you can select "Connect to Stripe" This will bring you to Stripe where you can create an account or connect an already existing account and configure your setup

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I need to bring in my financials before I can connect Stripe?

No! You can go ahead and connect to Stripe as soon as your Fundraising Pages are ready to go. Transactions that you record via Stripe will begin being auto-recorded in MonkeyPod (along with payouts from Stripe to your bank account).

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