How to use the Chart of Accounts

Your Chart of Accounts is the list of accounts that your organization uses to track funds and financial activity. It's called a "Chart of Accounts" by accounting convention but it isn't really a "chart" in the typical sense, so you might prefer to think of it as a "List of Accounts." 

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Where is my Chart of Accounts?

To find your Chart of Accounts open the My MonkeyPod menu and select Chart of Accounts.

MonkeyPod comes loaded with the Chart of Accounts recommended by the National Council of Nonprofits for small nonprofit organizations, so no need to worry if you haven't developed your own Chart of Accounts yet!

Screenshot showing where to find the Chart of Accounts

How do I add an account?

To add an account go to your Chart of Accounts, then go to the type of account and click Add ____ Account. Here is what it looks like to Add a Bank Account

Screenshot showing where to add an account

From here you can put the information in for the account and add it in.

Screenshot showing there to add information into an account

What else can I do with my Chart of Accounts?

You can merge accounts, reconcile accounts, edit accounts, create subaccounts, and so much more!

For the most common actions, you simply click on the icon tied to that action.

Screenshot showing Chart of Accounts options

For other actions, click on the "three dots" to expand the rest of the menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I reconcile an account?
    1. To reconcile an account, simply go to that account and click the reconcile icon shown below.

      Screenshot showing Chart of Accounts options

  2. How do I enter an opening balance?
    1. To enter an opening balance on an account, go to the account then hit Edit settings in the main action window

Then from there, go to the bottom of the account and enter the opening balance!

  • Screenshot showing where to enter the opening balance

If you have more questions on entering an opening balance, check out this article dedicated to the topic here.

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